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I am a multidimensional, hands-on creative artist and poet with a San Diego based home studio. Having always been too curious and too creative, I have continually studied a variety of artistic disciplines and philosophies throughout my life with established teachers...unstable teachers, artists, schools and whatnot. This, paired with a lifelong investigation into spirituality, has given me a large creative toolkit from which to draw ;) and interest to (respectively) play with, break, challenge, modify, ignore and celebrate the rules related to the aforementioned studies. I am a strong believer in not messing with a child's innate curiosity and wonder, the value of family (however defined), individual creativity, community, and our environment. I continue to study and enjoy creative expressions-with the exception of acid jazz. Some common characteristics found within my work are: re-purposing everyday items and discard-able things, harmonizing opposites, playing with current beliefs and assumptions with a whimsical twist, and delicately blending spontaneity with discipline. The end results are simple, balanced expressions of wonder imbued with an invitation to discover more.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Ho Hum, Oh Bother"

I LOVE this shot!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why Are Aliens Naked?

I am a big fan of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe series and the other day I saw a qick glimpse from Spielberg's ET where ET is hiding in the little girl's closet posing as a stuffed animal...and I had a funny thought.
Why are aliens naked?
And knowing what a consumer culture we're in (cringe)...
I'm thinking these are some ripe, untapped business opportunities.

Perhaps grouping them all together under one glorious galactic mall, defining the -

The Roswell Design District

Featuring, but not limited to...

Haunt Couture

E.Tea Wig N' Biscuits

Z -ExTra : Unique Bonnet and Sun glass

A. LeeAnn's Boutique du Jour

Galactic Gowns and Pumps

Ramp it Up Runway Wear

Cloning Cloaks and Smocks (it's actually a nock-of brand)

The One-Stop Alien Sock Market

and the much needed, but definitely undersold...

Palatial, Too-Petite Panty Palace

(Now I'm thinking that I've played too much Toontown with my son - If you don't get the reference, your missing out :)
MAC Cosmetics could be invited to open a mega-store or something (they've been selling to them for yeeeeaarrrrs! and resolve to the fact that no one will EVER be able to compete with them within the ET Market Place.)

Perhaps, with todays high-speed technology, the mall could also include a kiosk The Millisecond - with a tagline like "Todays Special: Downloadable Dialects! Get the inside edge on what the locals are really saying at your favorite Earthly haunts - Only $2,569.02 USdollars per download! Take advantage of that great exchange rate NOW!"
...or something to that effect.

Anyway, I'm thinking of playing with the idea a bit more by doing a Pen and Oil Pastel-Stain Series - it, in itself, is a fun media-eshish process. But in the meantime here is a silly alien foot doodle.