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I am a multidimensional, hands-on creative artist and poet with a San Diego based home studio. Having always been too curious and too creative, I have continually studied a variety of artistic disciplines and philosophies throughout my life with established teachers...unstable teachers, artists, schools and whatnot. This, paired with a lifelong investigation into spirituality, has given me a large creative toolkit from which to draw ;) and interest to (respectively) play with, break, challenge, modify, ignore and celebrate the rules related to the aforementioned studies. I am a strong believer in not messing with a child's innate curiosity and wonder, the value of family (however defined), individual creativity, community, and our environment. I continue to study and enjoy creative expressions-with the exception of acid jazz. Some common characteristics found within my work are: re-purposing everyday items and discard-able things, harmonizing opposites, playing with current beliefs and assumptions with a whimsical twist, and delicately blending spontaneity with discipline. The end results are simple, balanced expressions of wonder imbued with an invitation to discover more.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


"Left Wing!"

"Right Wing!"

         it takes two wings to fly

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5th Grade Recycled Art Projects - Upcoming Show June 7th 2013, Friday Night Liberty from 5pm to 9pm

Our class missed the deadline this year for the city's Dare to Reuse contest.  But I am happy to announce that ALL the students work will be on display during the June 7th Friday Night at Liberty event - Recycled Art A Go-Go.

Recycled Art A Go-Go - Award winning 5th grade art students from Old Town Academy join LonackSignature and local artists in a up-cycled, recycled art show for one night only. Come see these creative, whimsical and inspiring works and join in some group sculpture activities. This is a memorable event you won't want to miss! Barracks 19, Studio 102, 2690 Historic Decatur Road from 5pm to 9pm.

The student's group art pieces and photography will be included in the show.  This year they  had the opportunity to play a bit with perspective and composition by photographing their artwork with the school's iPads and my digital camera. I encouraged them to start by taking a few pictures from different perspectives that framed the whole piece of art, then including some with the artists themselves, like taking a picture of an artist taking a picture of the artwork, parts of the artist taking pictures of part the artwork...evolving to mid shots of the artwork, using flash and not using flash throughout... clearly focused pictures, blurry shots to closeup and macro abstractions of the piece.
...singling out by separating, magnifying or highlighting a particular detail or section of the original piece and photographing it can create an entirely new expression of art...
Another layer of exploration with the cameras was possible for those who incorporated an electric light element into the artwork.
With the external lights dimmed, the students could experiment more with exposure and movement of the camera while taking a photo (without flash) this resulted in some intriguing surprises the students enjoyed.
Note: I did the cropping and editing here, but I am hoping to have some time for them to work with their own pictures... time, time, time in a classroom is a challenge!)

Here are a few from my camera:

...I love to explore the possibilities that close up photography offers when photographing art. Getting so close to the details of a piece and framing it (composition) can result in a completely unique piece of art - offering the viewer an experience that is either related to the original art piece as a whole or when displayed completely separate from the original can stand completely on it's own.
When traveling and visiting museums, I have fun taking close up shots of popular and iconic works of art.  So close that most of the time the original isn't identifiable, and sometimes is just like having a small intimate piece of it's greater work's pie.  Mattisse's fish, Braque's birds, Monet and Van Gogh's brush strokes just to name a few...

A photograph of an abstract image, highlight, close up of a section or detail from a bigger/whole body of work offers the viewer a window into curiosity.
The assumptions of the willing viewer can be momentarily challenged. Their personal perceptions/interpretations/concepts are briefly offered an opportunity to explore a possibility outside their norm.
It is such a yummy window into the delicate dance of a creative artist's play with perception and
perspective. It takes awareness of assumptions and rules - like culturally, emotionally, environmentally, physically, artistically, philosophically and personally, understanding them, respecting them, and exploring the possibilities.
The creative artist's greatest gift and challenge is be trusting enough in the process to allow something new to manifest. And to acknowledge that the only thing "they did" in the process was to be a willing and open participant...


Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Kite, Om Tree

Just finished this ceramic plate for my Mothers Day gift.
I shot it outside on a mirror to catch the sky and the blue underside of the plate (which felt like the sky when painting it)...

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