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I am a multimedia, hands-on creative artist and poet with a San Diego based home studio. Having always been too curious and too creative, I have continually studied a variety of artistic disciplines and philosophies throughout my life with established teachers, artists and schools. This, paired with a life long investigation into spirituality, has given me a large "creative tool kit" from which to draw - and permission to (respectively) play with, break, challenge, modify, ignore and celebrate the rules related to the aforementioned studies. I am a strong believer in kids, family, individual creativity, community and our environment. Together, through individuals sharing their talents, amazing art can happen. I continue to study and enjoy all creative expressions. Some common characteristics found within my work are: re-purposing everyday items and discard-able things, harmonizing opposites, playing with current beliefs and assumptions with a whimsical twist, and delicately blending spontaneity with discipline. The end results are simple, balanced expressions of wonder and joy.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Self Portrait

When I look in a mirror, 
I always have thought "I don't look like me"
but bowling next to us the other night
was this little girl
and I gushed with an inner joy.
She embodied a sparkly self - essence if you will -
replete with bowling shoes.
(pixie dust and sparkle wand not pictured)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crushed Hopes

Just outside our local Quickie Mart
I spied this sign in the parking lot
... aw, just as I was lacing up 
the new ice skates 
I got for Christmas!

Did I mention
that I live in San Diego?