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I am a multidimensional, hands-on creative artist and poet with a San Diego based home studio. Having always been too curious and too creative, I have continually studied a variety of artistic disciplines and philosophies throughout my life with established teachers...unstable teachers, artists, schools and whatnot. This, paired with a lifelong investigation into spirituality, has given me a large creative toolkit from which to draw ;) and interest to (respectively) play with, break, challenge, modify, ignore and celebrate the rules related to the aforementioned studies. I am a strong believer in not messing with a child's innate curiosity and wonder, the value of family (however defined), individual creativity, community, and our environment. I continue to study and enjoy creative expressions-with the exception of acid jazz. Some common characteristics found within my work are: re-purposing everyday items and discard-able things, harmonizing opposites, playing with current beliefs and assumptions with a whimsical twist, and delicately blending spontaneity with discipline. The end results are simple, balanced expressions of wonder imbued with an invitation to discover more.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Priscilla's Pickle Palace

I was recently invited to a birthday Pickleball party. I had no idea what it was and too many funny thoughts and ideas flowed into me, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a go at constructing the first (to my knowledge) and only pickle sculpture.

I would have loved to go for a 360 degree perspective but even well-drained pickles are too flimsy to stand up to the weight...

 drained sweet and dill

Of course I always have to play with the photo editing on my phone...

... the inevitable collaspe 

I do think this would make a good substitute asana in yoga for the Shavasana at the end of one's practice (I always feel quite tangled and, well, just falling apart/short seems a little more accurate "death" than neatly getting comfortable...  -

 " ...and we will now conclude our practice with the Pickle Posehavsana-manamama, so just collapse from here and feel it! ...
[ later ]
...and coming to a sitting position, bringing hands together,


...into the compost bin to break down into new possibilities...